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The World

The WorldThe laws of the universe state that every end is a beginning of something else. Although we have achieved our goal regarding the issue at hand, we still need to move forward and not stop at what was achieved so far. If we stop moving forward we will stop developing and start moving backward.

The World card indicates coming full circle, completion of processes, successes and wholeness. In this card we are mature and view the world with a wide, proportional view -seeing both our immediate and extended surroundings. We manage well in life and are not chained or tied down to a single idea, framework or person. We do what is genuinely right for us.

But at the same instant the card also deals with the question “what now?” regardless of our achievement and the positive state we are in, we must not forget that tomorrow is yet another day in which we need to continue learning and developing. If we do not do this and simply rest on our laurels, our progress will get blocked and we will start moving backward.
We need to understand that wholeness is not just a goal together with the good feeling and rest we get after achieving it. True wholeness is a way of life: daily, never ending work on self development and improvement. True wholeness is the actual process we go through on our quest to achieving wholeness.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Wonderful partnership, harmony, stable relationship, marriage.  Tendency to perfectionism, unwillingness to compromise, setting marriage as a goal by itself.
Career  Success, achieving goals, promotion, realistic approach.  Getting lost in the details, over-materialism.

Areas of particular relevance:
coming full circle, wholeness, international travel and business, perfection, marriage, lesbians, coming out of the closet, sexual problems.


JudgmentThe laws of the universe determine that processes need time to come into fruition and cannot be rushed. Assuming that we are active regarding the issue at hand, we need to be patient and wait for positive change while being aware of the process that is taking place. Our awareness of the process is the active part we are playing.

The Judgment card indicates that although thus far we were inactive regarding this issue we are now facing awaking, change, step forward, and even a rebirth regarding the issue at hand.

Assuming we have been active and continue to act regarding the issue at hand, the card explains that there are no shortcuts we can take, and that we must let time play its course. It is important to understand that this is a card of changes, changes that come into being out of internal maturity and insights we learn about life.

The change we are wishing for will happen by itself -there is no way to harry it. When the right time comes we will complete the process of our internal change. After our awakening we will reach a genuine place in our lives, understand what is right for us and rediscover ourselves.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Falling in love, new beginnings, understanding we are in the right direction and waiting patiently for the next stage.  Lack of maturity, impatience, difficulty to sober up and see the situation as it really is.
Career  Change of attitude, renewal, understanding we are in the right direction and waiting patiently for the next stage.  Tendency to wait for something that will never come, fear of changes, not willing to see the truth.

Areas of particular relevance:
Enlightenment, awareness, discovered truth, change, new perception, rebirth, surprises.

The Sun

The SunAfter we have resolved our issues, the laws of the universe state that this is the time to be whole with who we are and be unconditionally happy. But we must be cautious not to get addicted to the issue at hand and sacrifice other important things in our lives.

The Sun brings us to the time point after all the issues raised by the Moon have been resolved and therefore we are ready for abundance and happiness. The sun is the source of life, where it shines its rays there is life.

The card represents simplicity, honesty, happiness, prosperity, success, abundance and happiness. It indicates that we are doing well with regards to the issue at hand and that it has turned into the center of our world. But that being said the card can indicate that we have a tendency to be dazzled by it, which leads to unbalance: because the issue at hand becomes our focus we lose interest in other areas, including those that are central to our lives.

The card calls upon us not to get addicted to the issue at hand but rather strike the right balance among the different areas of our lives, just like they were before dealing with the issue at hand.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Love, falling in love, being ourselves within a relationship, female attraction to a male.  Addictions, luck of proportions, neglect of other areas in life, childishness.
Career  Solid profitable job, promotion, job enjoyment and satisfaction, employment conditions and benefits which create status.  Addiction to work (workaholic), neglect of other areas in life.

Areas of particular relevance:
Happiness, prosperity, economic status, ego, addictions, father.


The Moon

The MoonThe laws of the universe state that we carry emotional baggage from our past, and it sometimes takes over our lives and runs it without our knowledge. To get back in control we need to take a journey into our subconscious, potentially using professional help, and solve our issues.

The Moon indicates that we face a period of uncertainty and lack of stability in our lives. We are confused, distressed, feel helpless and seek a way out. It is important to understand that the key to our problem lies in the fact that we carry emotional baggage from our past that manages our lives without our awareness and without our consent.

The Moon calls upon us to understand that the tough period we face will not disappear by itself and that we need to actively solve our problem –especially so since the situation is unbearable. We need to disperse the fog that shrouds the issue at hand and remember that most times the source of the problem is emotional and that we tend to blow things out of proportion. We need to understand that we need help and need to find some structure in which we can communicate, express our feelings and organize our thoughts. This personal work will lead us in the right direction and eventually it will resolve the issue.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Readiness for a stable relationship, good time for love. Tendency for being over emotional, fears and doubts, uncertainty, hardship and depression, fear of losing, unhealthy relationship with the mother.
Career Good intuition Fears and doubts, fear of failure, acting from an unbalanced state, fear of losing one’s job.

Areas of particular relevance:
Mother, negative influence of the mother, psychology, depression, emotional distress.


The Star

The StarThe laws of the universe state that there is place in our lives for honesty, innocence and love. This actually was the first state in which we started our lives -but then worries, fears and hardship entered our lives and things changed. Going back to this place is not easy! We have to heal ourselves via self cleansing and contending with the same topics that hurt us the most.

Appearance of the Star indicates that the issue at hand is supposed to bring us to a state in which we love who we are and what we do. As kids this is exactly how we started our lives but then worries, fears and hardship entered our lives and things changed. Now, we find ourselves worried that something about the issue at hand will go wrong – leading to an unbalanced state from which things can only go downhill.

To reach an ideal state of being, we first need to take care of those things that obstruct and obscure our way in life. We need to open our very own personal Pandora’s box, take out the dirt and cleanse ourselves. We need to courageously confront our fears, problems, and painful memories and talk about what is bothering us. To resolve our problems we need to be pure and honest about ourselves.

The Star is a very optimistic card full of hope, love, happiness and success. Most of all the Star signifies purity, honesty and innocence.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  honesty, openness, true love, trust, willingness to develop a deep and honest relationship.  Being naïve, failing to act according to the rules of courtship.
Career  Willingness to help and support others, forward thinking, honesty, trustworthy employee or employer.  Over-optimism, tendency to quickly trust others and get disappointed.

Areas of particular relevance:
Love and courtship, innocence, honesty, a hidden secret

The Tower

The TowerThe laws of the universe urge us to check the foundation before moving forward with the rest of our project -or else we might face problems. If, however, we lay the groundwork correctly, if we get down into details and prepare ourselves for all potential problems, we will avoid, or reduce, hardship down the road.

The Tower calls upon us not rush forward. It instructs us not to make any obligations right here and now: not to buy that car, not sign that contract, etc.
The card clearly indicates that something is amiss with the issue at hand and that we need to methodically check it out. This is the perfect time to read the small print in the contract, to consult with an attorney, accountant or appraiser, or simply get insured.

The Tower warns us that we might experience some bumps down the road but if we lay a solid foundation we these bumps will only make us stronger. Furthermore, if we do our homework right and tie all the loose ends we might avoid the bumps altogether.

The Tower suggests to build a strong mutual basis with significant others, family members and friends. It also calls upon us to develop our personality -for example by engaging in various hobbies. This will allow us to develop a fuller and stronger personality, as well as a spiritual, stable and balanced life.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships _  Rush forward, be impulsive, get into sexuality too early in a relationship, or just base the whole relationship on sexuality.
Career  _  Tendency to take too many risks, not tie the loose ends, problems from our past reappear and cause hardship, trusting the wrong people, not spreading our risks, not keeping reserves where needed.

Areas of particular relevance:
Failures due to haste, loose foundation, sexuality, divorce, monetary losses

The Devil

The DevilThe laws of the universe state that where there is no light darkness governs. Without truth we will get lies and neglect, we will surrender to urges, get carried away and lose control. This is a warning sign – in order to succeed we need to follow our inner truth.

When the Devil shows up it serves as a clear warning sign. It usually indicates that we live a lie and act out of the wrong reasons. We get addicted, surrender to urges, instincts and passions and let these rule us and control the issue at hand. As a result we start to lose control of our actions and our lives. Our environment is not supportive and can even be destructive causing the situation to further deteriorate.

The Devil deals with neglect and shows that we have neglected the issue at hand and whatever is most important to us in our lives. It indicates that something very important to us is not coming into being -a certain truth we have not expressed. As we neglect that which is most important to us we will come across additional temptations and face tougher lessons, this in turn will attract misguiding influences and wrong persons into our lives.
We must stop this devastating circle, listen to our heart and bring into being those things and ideas in which we believe – as explained in the Hierophant.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Sexual attraction  Shallowness, acting out of urges, relationship based on sexuality, addictions, lies, lack of authenticity, temptations, unfaithfulness.
Career  _  Exploitation, surrender to material temptations, getting bad advice, work addiction, harmful romance in the workplace, bad influence.

Areas of particular relevance:
Sexuality, urges, lies, temptations and unfaithfulness, bad consultants



TemperanceThe laws of the universe state that faith is the source of abundance. We need to overcome doubt and believe in our ability to act. Only this way will we create change, mitigate dissimilarities, overcome differences and succeed.

Temperance symbolizes abundance and success and shows that despite our natural skepticism, we have the power to induce change: to merge areas which have no connection, to bridge gaps that seem unbridgeable, to connect contradictions to generate something new and introduce success in everything we touch.

Temperance is a card of faith and in this case faith can indeed create a reality. We become aware of new opportunities and they seem to open up before us where nothing existed before. In order for us to succeed it is crucial that we believe that our goal is achievable. We need to remember that we already acquired all the ingredients and have the basis for success – we posses all tools and required skills. All that is left to do is believe in ourselves, put the onus on us – so success will solely depend on our actions – and act!

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Overcoming difficulties, love, faith in the other side, moving to the next level, good sexuality.  Lacking faith in the potential of a current or future relationship, fear that differences cannot be bridged.
Career  Promotion, willingness to act for a cause, overcoming difficulties and finding solutions, reaching goals. Imbalance, lack of self confidence, feeling the task at hand is too difficult and unreachable.

Areas of particular relevance:
Wedding, partnership, problems that seem to solve themselves


DeathThe laws of the universe say that life is dynamic and full of change. We must not be afraid of changes, however, but learn how to rejuvenate ourselves as they happen. Life is short and we need to make the most of it.

Life is a dynamic process and is full of changes. Although we might be afraid of these changes we need to understand that they are the essence of life –changes allow us to improve, succeed and in short – to live!

Death calls upon us to ask ourselves whether we can make the necessary changes in life? Are we strong enough to cut out of our lives that which is no longer needed? What hinders our growth and development? And finally, can we make a true change? If the answer to the latter is positive we need to act now and make the change. We need to check what is over and let go of it – releasing it from our lives. If we clear our lives we will free up space for new things to enter.

In addition, the card reminds us that death awaits us. Life is short and we need to live fully, to enjoy and make the most out what we are given.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Enjoying life, having fun, good sexuality.  Inability to eliminate disturbing past events, fear of risk-taking, difficulty to enjoy life.
Career  Readiness for changes, enjoying work, belief in self, going all the way for goals we believe in.  Being afraid to initiate and act, fear of change, adherence to the past.

Areas of particular relevance:
Changes, sexuality, endings and new beginnings

The Hanged Man

Hanged ManThe laws of the universe declare that in order to succeed in one area we need to sacrifice another. We also need to change our natural tendency and even act the part of a role model in a certain area until it becomes a second nature.

The Hanged Man indicates apprenticeship and hard work. It teaches us that sometimes we need to sacrifice one area of our lives in order to success in another. The card shows that we need to focus on our goal while rising above the daily humdrum. But it is also important to understand that in order for us to succeed we need to make an internal change –we need to change our nature and our perspective. For example, if we want to get in shape we need to sacrifice sleep, get up early and exercise. But our natural tendency is to get up late –change will not come until we internalize the new behavior and do it naturally.

Sometimes in order for us to succeed we need to learn to act the part and become the perfect role model in a particular area. At work we need to become the perfect employee, at home -the perfect lovers, etc. We might initially feel artificial and forced but over time we will become who we want to be and reach our goal.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Willingness to sacrifice for our relationship.  Feeling the victim, feeling that we are giving without receiving, taking blame.
Career  Loyalty, high work standards, willingness to sacrifice so we can succeed.  Lack of satisfaction, giving up too much, bitterness, feeling that the rewards are not worthy of our efforts.

Areas of particular relevance:
Apprenticeship, willful sacrifice


JusticeThe Laws of the universe demand that we do not let material matters interfere with our personal growth, that we stay well balanced and don’t act overly defensive. We must cut away what is disturbing us out of our lives but need to make sure this is not the easy way out.

Justice calls us to immediately handle that which is bothering us and delaying our development. Our personal development is stuck and we need to do something about it –and do it now! If we do not act quickly things will take a course of their own –usually leading us to places we rather avoid.

When the card show up we need to carefully examine the issue at hand and check whether we feel well balanced, genuine, and in control. Or are we stubborn, acting defensively, hiding something and getting into undue conflicts. Most importantly: are we expressing ourselves correctly?

If not, it is time for change: we need to step away from the issue for a moment so we can gain correct perspective. After doing so we can act in a well balanced way to fix the issue while making sure we comply with our inner needs. For example, we talk with our boss on what bothers us and try to find a solution. But if after an honest effort we cannot resolve it the card calls us to cut what bothers us out of our lives, in this case our job! Then we will able to find a position that better fits us and will be able to focus on those things that will bring the desired change into our lives.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Courage to take care of what is bothering us and bear any potential consequences.  We accumulate spites and not speak up, tendency to cut away what bothers us without trying to handle it first.
Career  Ability to disconnect from feeling and focus on work, accepting the correct decisions-hard as these might be.  Tendency to keep score with our peers, accumulation of negative feelings, miscommunication.

Areas of particular relevance:
Courts of law, divorce, termination of employment, justice at work

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of FortuneAccording to the Laws of the universe life is not random. Things happen because something inside us causes them to. We have to take control of our lives, understand the cause of problems we face and correct it from the inside so things happen in reality.

The Wheel of Fortune indicates that currently it seems that we do not control our destiny but rather drift along the current of reality. This current causes our lives to be a point on a rotating wheel: at one time it is up, another it is down. But life is not random: our inner world directly affects the outside world around us.

In contrast to Strength in which we are in the right place and just need to keep on believing, the Wheel of Fortune instruct us to take care of our lack of inner balance. Once we do so it will make a change in the outside world. The card calls upon us to create balance and wholeness in ourselves that will cause us to attract the right thing into our lives.

An example might be a woman looking but failing to find a relationship. The card can indicate she is needy and needs a partner so he can make her feel valuable. Only when she understands she has value on her own and act accordingly, will she become more attractive for potential mates.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Willingness to recognize our need for help and changing our relationship for the better.  Tend to act in a fatalistic way, lack of willingness to handle issues, accepting problems.
Career  Willingness to accept the fact that something is wrong in our professional lives and seek a solution, looking for the right profession.  Tendency to wait for things to happen on their own, not taking action because we do not want to face unpleased situations.

Areas of particular relevance:
Fatalistic approach, changes, turmoil, getting a life lessons.


The Hermit

The HermitThe Laws of the universe say that if we planned and acted correctly all that is left to do is let go of the will to get specific results and simply wait patiently. If we wait knowing that we acted correctly the results will come.

The Hermit represents our need for patience. If we planned and executed in the best way then there is nothing more to do but wait and let go of our wish for quick and specific results. Patience and time will bring us the desired results – all we need to do is simply wait.

If it becomes clear that our planning or action were not correct then we need to understand that the answer we seek lies deep inside. We do not need help or advice but simply have to find the time to be alone so we can neutralize others’ bad influence -an influence that can lead us in the wrong direction. When we cleanse ourselves we can know for certain what is right for us. Only then can we go back and do the right thing.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  _  In a relationship: feeling alone
While not in a relationship: rejection of potential partner because it threatens our bachelorhood.
Career  Implementation of wisdom and life experience, business maturity, careful and correct decisions making.  Miscommunication, formality, unsocial, tendency not to listen to our inner voice and adopt the popular view instead.

Areas of particular relevance: Loneliness, meditation, learning.


StrengthThe Laws of the universe teach us that control comes from within -from a peaceful and confident place inside us. We are on the right track and have to simply trust the inner force that guides us –even if it seems illogical or conflicts with our wish at the moment.

Strength shows that although we might have temporarily lost balance, we are at the right place and heading in the right direction. If we feel threatened and out of control it is because we became disconnected from ourselves, our problems and our motives. In this case we need to regain our self-confidence and understand that the basis for everything that happens in the world outside lies within us.

In this case what blocks us lies deep within us and therefore there is no need for an external action. We need to enter a process in which we confront the temptation to try to control our reality by force. Instead we will learn to gain self control that comes from self-confidence and full belief in our chosen path. This way we will create a new reality, a reality in which we decide how our lives will unfold.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Good sexuality, physical attraction, partnership, self confidence.  Lack of confidence, tendency to keep checking where things stand and not laying back and enjoying the relationship.
Career  We enjoy our work and life in general.  We tend to do things by ourselves, we have lack self-confidence which in turn impacts our energy and creativity.

Areas of particular relevance: Sexuality, control, self-confidence.

The Chariot

The ChariotThe laws of the universe forbid us to give up on what is important for us -otherwise we will give it up forever. We must insist and fight for our dream with everything we got.

The Chariot calls upon is not to give up: not to give up on our dream, not to give up on what we believe in! The card provides us with the legitimacy to be assertive, decisive and stubborn in order to fulfill our dream –whatever it is.

This is a card of tough decisions and resolute actions. Its appearance indicates that we must not give up, not this time! It is important to understand that if we give up this time something inside us will die. This time things have to be different. If we act swiftly and decisively, if we become direct and strong-minded we will succeed!

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  We fight for the relationship we believe in, a proactive and assertive suitor.  Quarrels, possible oppression, one-sided concession.
Career  Assertive when needed and knows to be firm when needed.  Find it hard to decide, tend to give up too easily, have a short fuse.

Areas of particular relevance: Quarrels, difficulties, wars.

The Lovers

The LoversThe laws of the universe dictate that we cannot progress regarding the issue at hand because our lives are too busy. We must first clear out what is unneeded, excessive, and that which is overburdening or delaying us. We then must then act with all our might to promote this issue.

One of the reasons we find it so hard to listen to ourselves is that our lives are simply too busy. We must, therefore, clear out everything that is not right for us. From this perspective anything can stand in our way -even if not directly related to the issue at hand. Only when everything in our lives finds its balance can we make the right choice regarding the issue at hand.

Many times the card indicates that we are facing a dilemma – such as if to enter a new relationship. Initially, it seems that we are too confused and do not know what do but just like in the Two of Coins, deep inside we know what is right for us. We therefore must ignore our fears and others’ opinions and simply follow our inner voice.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  If we listen to our heart we will find love.  Hesitation, fear of entering a relationship, fear of commitment, indecisiveness.
Career  _  We are overburdened, we find it hard to complete our tasks, we make compromises in our work.

Areas of particular relevance:
Dating several people in parallel, contemplations, difficulty in picking a partner

The High Priest / Hierophant

The High Priest/HierophantThe laws of the universe instruct us to act according to our inner truth. Once we do so we will get help and guidance from our environment. Out inner truth is so important that if we do not act accordingly nature’s opposing forces will rise and act to trip us.

The High Priest calls upon us to deal with what is authentic for us, our inner truth. It is important that we listen to our heart and walk the right path – enabling everything else to fall into place. The card indicates that this is a good time to start executing our ideas. Once we do so we will receive support from those around us. And we need to remember that only when we believe in ourselves will others follow. It is important to understand that we have no choice but follow our inner truth because otherwise opposing forces, materializing as the devil, will start to act against us.

It is important for us to utilize others around us to guide and counsel us, enabling us to view the situation from several angles, and this in turn will strengthen us. At the same time it is important to remember that only we know what is right for us. Although it is important to consult with others the final decision and the associated responsibility falls squarely upon our own shoulders. No one else can make our decision for us.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  The card represents true love and call upon us to follow our heart, our environment is supportive of our true love.  We are afraid to take the next step and advance to the next level.
Career  We like to work hard –especially when challenged, help out, support our environment in their own quest for self improvement.  We might be afraid of making hard decisions and implementing changes when needed.

Areas of particular relevance:
Religion and faith, religious institutions, getting the truth out into the open, medicine

The Emperor

The EmperorThe laws of the universe call upon us to build a solid material foundation as basis for our journey. But we also need to verify that we are acting out of the right motives and not trying to fulfill social expectations.

The Emperor represents an important principle: in order to be successful in the spiritual world we must first succeed and establish ourselves in the material world. But at the same time it is important to verify that our goal truly represent our wants and needs and not those of our environment.

The card deals with order, stability, organization, management and authority. It represents material success, professional prosperity, management abilities and a natural knack for handling money and wealth.

Although we know how to control the material world, it is also important for us to learn to express ourselves and speak truly -from the heart. It is especially important in relationships where we tend to escape to the familiar place of trying to manage the other party. What we really need to do is simply express our wants and needs.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  We are looking for long-term relationship stability
The card also represents a female attraction to a male (the Emperor).
 We do not express feelings, we try to manage the other side.
Career  An excellent employee and exceptional manager, we know how to delegate and get result.  Lacking patience, being a perfectionist, unwilling to compromise.

Areas of particular relevance:
Management, career, business, money, law, father

The Empress

The EmpressWe are close to reaching success, but in order to realize it we need to obey the laws of the universe stating that we need to give in order to receive. We have to give from ourselves and help others without expecting a reward.

Fertility is a guiding principle in our lives. When we are fertile we are connecting to the energy of prosperity, success and happiness and through it we can better ourselves and our surroundings.

The spiritual lesson of the Empress deals with our duty of empowering those around us so they can maximize their true potential. We achieve this via our support, our feedback, as well as through intellectual and spiritual stimuli. When we give from ourselves without knowing when, and if, we are rewarded it will help us connect to abundance and fertility in our own lives.

When the Empress shows up it is only natural to give from ourselves to others. But, at the same time we need to pay attention to instances when we find it hard to give and investigate why and where is it coming from.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Love, giving, devotion, abundance, readiness for a relationship.  _
Career  Devotion, caring, giving, supporting others in their personal growth.  _

Areas of particular relevance:
Fertility, pregnancy, womanhood, mother and motherhood, beauty

The High Priestess

The High PriestessThe laws of the universe suggest that in life we cannot only go after sure things. What is important is not the results we get but the lesson we learn. We cannot be afraid of the unknown -we need to take a chance, dive in and follow what life brings us.

The High Priestess, like the Fool, cannot provide a definite answer. This is a card with a moral that calls upon us to get down deep and explore our darkest parts –those hidden areas that we usually avoid out of habits, fears and concerns. Coping with these parts and what they might reveal will not be easy but, at the end of the process, we will learn our lesson.

When the High Priestess appears the card indicates uncertainty and mystery. There are unclear things in our life and we feel that we are walking on the edge of an abyss, that nothing is safe. But it is important to understand that in life we should not always seek the safe route but also open the door for mystery and uncertainty in our lives. When the card shows up we need to take a chance and let life lead us to the unknown so we can learn the lesson that will help us grow. A lesson that will lead to enlightenment!

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  _  Fear to begin relationships, moodiness, rapid ups-and-downs, send mixed signals, tendency to disappear.
Career  _  Instability at work, tendency to pulsate between active and passive states.

Please note that this card, just like the Moon, does not provide a clear and definite answer.

Areas of particular relevance: Mysticism, psychology, secrets.