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Ten of Swords

Ten of SwordsWe have leaned a tough lesson! Now, despite the bad situation we can move to the next phase of rehabilitation and rebuilding ourselves. If we have not yet gone through the lesson we need to experience it before we can move on.

The Ten of Swords indicates that the tough lesson is over. We have learned the lesson and do not need to go on suffering. The pain is still there but we can now move on into rebuilding ourselves and starting anew.

The Ten of Swords follows a pre-determined course: first we make a mistake, then we suffer and finally we learn the lesson that enables us to start a new phase in our life. It is therefore crucial to determine which stage are we in. Usually when we get the card we have already suffered and are ready to move on. But sometimes we have not suffered yet and it is important that we face the tough and painful lesson, learn from it, draw our conclusions and move on to the next phase.

It is important to understand that in some cases only a painful experience can teach us the lesson we need –and this is indeed the situation represented by the Ten of Swords. It is important to remember that our pain and suffering are not in vain and it will help us learn and progress. In this case we need to focus on minimizing the impact of the lesson rather than trying to avoid it.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Despite our heartbreak it is a good time to take a chance and try something new.  Ending a relationship, heartbreak, hesitancy to enter a new relationship after being hurt before.
Career  We have learned our lesson -using past experience we can act correctly and be successful.  We tend to move forward without due investigation – this will lead to failure, once we face difficulties we tend to throw in the towel.

Areas of particular relevance:
A new start after crisis, maintaining hope during a tough time, resourcefulness, justice is done, tendency to be a martyr

Ten of Cups

Ten of CupsWe have realized our dream. Since the suit of Cups did not force us to work as hard as Coins it is important to retain our achievement and remember that a dream is not necessarily a material goal but rather a personal fulfillment.

The Ten of Cups is a card of joy, celebration, abundance, wealth and happiness. It is a card of success, family, kids and love. It indicates that we love life and enjoy what we have.

The Ten of Cups is a direct continuation of the Nine of Cups which indicated a wish that came true. In Ten of Cups the wish is being fulfilled over a long time. There is a major difference between the two cards since it is one thing to win the lottery and deposit millions in the bank but quite another to remain happy and satisfied after ten years. Many of the winners of sudden wealth or happiness cannot preserve it for long. The Ten of Cups indicates that we will be able to retain our wealth and happiness over time and our wish will materialize long term.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Satisfaction, happiness, relationship success, moving to the next stage, entering a commitment.  _
Career  Success based on partnership, gaining unprecedented success, job satisfaction.  _

Areas of particular relevance:
Kids, marriage, falling in love, romance, a good match (matchmaking), successful partnerships.


Ten of Pentacles

Ten of PentaclesWe have reached success and satisfaction. Now we simply need to enjoy the situation. But we also have to continue developing the subject, organically and at the right pace, so we can enjoy it in the long term.

The Ten of Coins indicates abundance, success, wealth and happiness. It is a card of joy and satisfaction that represents completeness in all area: family, career, personal development, etc.

Basically the Ten of Coins is similar to the Nine of Coins but it represents an epilogue showing what will happen once wholeness has been reached. For example the Nine of Coins can represent a perfect couple about to get married while the Ten of Coins will show the same couple after several years of joyful marriage when the relationship has matured into a family with kids.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Tying the knot, moving on to having children and grandchildren, fulfillment of dreams and wishes.  _
Career  Success and prosperity, fulfilling our aspirations, satisfaction and profit.  _

Areas of particular relevance:
Stability, family, happy retirement, abundance, home, peace

Ten of Wands

Ten of WandsLife is too busy! Instead of seeking what is missing in our lives we are taking upon ourselves too much and might collapse. In order to succeed we need to free up time and resources for the subject at hand.

The Ten of Wands indicate that we feel that something is missing in our lives but we try to correct this feeling by taking more and more tasks upon ourselves. Instead of looking for the simple things, earth and materialization, we take upon ourselves another project and another obligation. We might get some satisfaction in the short term but eventually we will not be able to hold up and will break down.

Despite the above, the card does not necessarily mean we will not reach our goal. But, in order for this to happen we need to stop taking so much upon ourselves and free up time and resources to reach our goal.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  _  Tendency to shy away from relationships and focus on other areas, getting addicted to our job, quarrels.
Career  _  Taking upon ourselves too much, failing to meet deadlines and goals, tension and tiredness that can lead to a break down.

Areas of particular relevance:
Taking upon ourselves too much, self destruction, a husband not listening to his wife

Nine of Swords

Nine of SwordsWe are worried -and with good reason. We have found ourselves on the wrong path and if we move forward we will fail. If we have not started out yet we should stop moving forward. But we find it hard to resist because we fell in love with this particular path and the desired results.

Nine of Swords is undoubtedly one of the worst cards of the Tarot deck. We are worried sick and rightfully so. We have all the reasons to worry since everything we worry about will indeed materialize –and things can get even worse.

The situation is so bad and complicated that it seems that it is better to give up altogether and not move forward at all regarding the subject at hand. If we move on it will only lead to loss and sorrow. In other words, this process cannot be fixed –we can either let go or fail.

If we still have not started on this particular path the obvious advice is to stay away. It might create an immediate difficulty or inconvenience but will pay off in the long-term. If we have already started the process we better stop as soon as possible, cut our losses and escape while we still can.

It is important to understand that we are so emotionally attached to the process that it will be hard for us to quit or stop.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  _ Engaging in the wrong relationships, heartbreak, inability to leave a failing relationship.
Career  _  Failure, inability to act correctly, wrong assessment, hardship, problems, inability to cut out what needs to be taken out of our lives.

Areas of particular relevance:
Sickness, disaster, unpleasant events, self destruction, wrong choices, depression


Nine of Cups

Nine of CupsAfter looking inside ourselves to understand who we are, as well as utilizing the opportunities we got, we have realized our dream and reached wealth and personal success.

At this stage we simply have to enjoy what we got.
The Nine of Cups is a wonderful card that deals with success, happiness, fertility, abundance and fulfilling our dreams.
We have undergone a lengthy process of personal investigation, we have understood the opportunities that have been given to us and took full advantage of them. Now we have achieved what we wanted and are satisfied by the results.

The success indicated by the card has been reached due to our faith, our capacity to flow well with the world and our ability to rejuvenate. We were patient, did not insist on reaching a specific goal within a particular time frame and generally allowed the cosmos to mandate the manner and pace of things that happened to us. Now we can and should celebrate the results.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Relationship success, moving the relationship to a committed stage, success and enjoyment.  _
Career  Satisfaction, enjoying abundance, good luck which helps business success.  _

Areas of particular relevance:
Business success, sudden wins and successes, a man who leaves his mother’s home for a relationship, attracting a spouse into our lives



Nine of Pentacles

Nine of PentaclesAfter a lot of hard work we have reached our goal and have achieved profit and abundance, especially in the material world. We simply have to enjoy what we got.

The Nine of Coins is a card of fertility and success. It indicates abundance that is reached after a lot of hard work. We have gone far and worked hard. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of our success. The Nine of Coins is one of the most blessed cards in the Tarot deck. It deals with success in material world, as well as emotional and spiritual domains. We are satisfied and enjoy what we have achieved.

It is important to understand that the success we experience in this card is not a coincidence. It is a direct result of our hard labor and persistence that enables us to reach the desired goal.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Reaching success after putting in the effort, moving to the next stage, getting pregnant (if relevant).  _
Career  Income, material success, successful investment that pay dividends.  _

Areas of particular relevance:
Wedding, pregnancy, buying a home, abundance, success


Nine of Wands

Nine of WandsWe have to hold on –a final effort will bring the desired results. It is also crucial that we stay focused on our goal.

We need to hold on just a little while longer. There will still be additional obstacles to overcome but eventually, after this final effort, things will work out well.

Basically the Nine of Wands is a good card. But it also indicates that we need to stop looking for challenges, adventures, and unattainable goals. Instead, we need to find stability and act to fulfill our true needs in life. Once we do so, all will start to fall into place.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Successfully facing challenges, overcoming obstacles. Emotional hurt, lack of communication, a feeling that we are “out of the picture”, being over suspicious.
Career  Overcoming obstacles, ability to receive feedback, financial stability. Compromises, being too careful, a tendency to stay in a role or workplace that does not serve us.

Areas of particular relevance:
A need to survive, lack of involvement in what is going on, a last minute failure, an inner feeling of failure that blocks our progress


Eight of Swords

We can reach the desired result but find ourselves blocked. Instead of listening to that part in us that knows the answer we let our feelings rule us. Only if we let go and listen to logic can we succeed.

Eight of SwordsIn this card, as well as in any of the eight cards, we are ready to make the transition from the current stage to the next and reach our goal. But we tend to fail in this transition because we do not act rationally and responsibly. In practice, we hinder our own progress since we decline to listen to the voice of logic. We instead act out of our emotions, catering to our fears and doubts, and so block our route to success.

Many things can tie us and block our progress to the next stage: we might be committed to a contract, the breaching of which will cost us dearly, or we might simply feel uncomfortable doing something unpleasant. But breaching the contract or overcoming our feelings might be our only way to break free. When we stop listening to the wrong reasons, when we see the situation in its entirety, when we break free – only then will we reach our goal.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Ability to correctly interpret reality.  Emotional blocks and inability to fall in love, fear of exposing ourselves, it is hard for us to act in a rational and balanced way.
Career Good judgment, keeping our alertness and sticking to our original goals will lead to success.  Inability to make decisions, emotional blocks and manipulations impede our ability to act correctly.


Areas of particular relevance:
Betrayals, secrets, inability to see reality for what it is, despair and depression

Eight of Cups

We tried so hard to control reality that we forgot what we originally wanted. Only when we let go of the struggle will we understand what is right for us.

Eight of CupsWe have been struggling for so long that we forget why we actually do so. We have tried everything but have still not reached the required result. The only thing we have not tried yet is to let go. The Eight of Cups call us to let go of our struggle!

Although we are not guaranteed that letting go will lead us to our goal, it will create serenity that will let us go inside ourselves. This way we will find why we struggled so hard and what is right for us. After understanding this point we will be able to go back and act in order to get what we want. But we might discover that we fought for the wrong cause all along, or that we fought for a cause that ceased to be right for us.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Letting go of control will lead to the desired results, submitting and retreating will expose the other side’s intentions.  Stubbornness that will lead to defeat, a choking relationship, lack of desire to see the truth, tendency to hold on to a mutually-wrong relationship.
Career  A good time to change direction and investigate newly formed opportunities.  Getting into pointless struggles, needless stubbornness, inability to spot business opportunities.


Areas of particular relevance: 
A Psychologist, tense relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law, needless struggles

Eight of Pentacles

We are ongoing a lengthy process that requires a lot of work but showing little in return. To become successful we have to persist.

Eight of PentaclesThe Eight of Coins is a card of hard work. It indicates apprenticeship where we are ready to work hard and sacrifice in the present to improve our future. For example, studying many years for a coveted degree, or working for a year earning minimal wages just to get the experience.

The card calls upon us to get used to routine despite it being sometimes hard or boring. We have to find the good things about routine and try to enjoy it as much as we can.
It is important to remember that the process is long and so we do not give up prematurely. We need to show resilience and persist in our efforts. Only this way will we get to our goal.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Stability and simplicity, willingness to wait for the required results.  Inability to handle routine.
Career  happiness and satisfaction at the workplace, willingness to work hard, persist and sacrifice.  Excessive bureaucracy impedes our ability to reach our goal.


Areas of particular relevance: Work, manual labor, working as salaried employee, apprenticeship and training period, degree study, new beginning –especially at work, workplace romance

Eight of Wands

To guarantee success, we have to react quickly and without hesitation and take advantage of a recently formed opportunity.

Eight of WandsNow is the time to act. There is no time for debates, questions and discussions. When we will act the Universe will help us and our action will be successful.

This is a card of success in which all of our actions are correct. We need to continue them swiftly, decisively, with no hesitation on our part. This way we will quickly get the results that are right for us, eventually leading us to success and completeness.

Many times the card calls upon us to act swiftly so we won’t miss a particular opportunity.
The Eight of Wands is the pinnacle of the suit of Wands. If we act correctly we will exchange energy into matter and continue to the success represented by the Nine and Ten of Coins. Hesitation and no action on our part will lead us to the decline of Nine and Ten of Wands.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Readiness for a relationship including marriage, passion and falling in love.  Jealousy, stupid bickering, halting the progress after becoming successful.
Career  Opportunities we have to take advantage of, creativity and good ideas that promote us, quick action that will lead to success.

Tendency to wait and miss opportunities, debates and squabbles divert us from our goal, issues inside the organization bar our progress.




Areas of particular relevance: Love and falling in love, readiness to settle down with a partner, written and electronic communication

Seven of Swords

We are at our very best, our thinking is solid and our ideas are strong. We need to define goals, create a plan and execute accordingly.

Seven of SwordsIn the previous card, Six of Swords, we took a vacation from life and reality. In the current card, Seven of Swords–one of the strongest cards in the suit of swords, we act decisively and move swiftly forward our goal. We perform at our best, we are active, practical, cool headed, logical, and know our goal. We have solid ideas and know how to plan -both short and long term.

It is important to note that although the card puts emphasis on planning, we do not stay in the theoretical realm and start successfully turning our ideas into reality. Although we have not yet achieved our goal we are already at an advanced stage of executing our plan.

In this card the way to reach our goal is via logical thinking and planning. We have to trust ourselves and our ability to solve problem using logical thinking, planning and execution. The card indicates that we have the ability to do so but at the same time must not get lost in details that can make us lose focus.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  A good time to move to the next stage, good planning of the next moves will lead to success.  We need to be careful of over-planning and over-analyzing that can come on account of our ability to flow well and express feelings.
Career  Using our logic will lead to success, we have the capacity to plan and execute, we can see things for what they are.

We tend to cut corners and not follow the process -which can hamper our ability to succeed.

Areas of particular relevance: Tendency to act alone, bulletproof plan, mother issues, Electra Complex (girl in love with her dad), a special bond between two brothers.



Seven of Cups

It is time to stop fantasizing. Our dream is possible – we need to implement it and turn it into a reality.

Seven of CupsIn Seven of Cups we can turn our dream into a reality. But to make it happen we need to get down to earth and stop building castles in the air.

Although we aim high, the actual results of our effort indicate a big gap between our plans and reality. Fulfilling our dream is possible but we might need to adjust our expectations to fit reality and the facts. It is important to plan ahead and understand what can realistically be done, act accordingly and stick to the goals we set to ourselves.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  The relationship we desire is possible but will require a lot of work on our part, it is a good time to be romantic in order to promote our relationship.  We tend to get stuck in the past, fantasize and do nothing, lack of action will lead to failure, we need to be wary of excessive optimism and false hopes.
Career  It is a good time for business ventures enabling us to fulfill our dreams, we successfully utilize our imagination to promote our career.

 Tendency to get stuck in the past and not adjust to life’s changes, greediness, deceptions, going after what seems to be easy to get.


Areas of particular relevance: Tendency to fantasize but not act, missed opportunities, man’s excessive attachment to his mother

Seven of Pentacles

We experienced a disappointment but through it got a lesson which highlighted what is right for us. Despite the letdown we are now ready to take a risk and find our inner truth.

Seven of CoinsWe are disappointed from what there is, which is not what we expected, and as a result experience a sense of inner void. But our suffering is not without merit and the lesson we passed prepares us well: we now know what is right for us and are ready to take a chance to get to the truth.

If we had passed a crisis, that tough time was an essential preparation for what is about to come. We are now smarter and wiser, we had learned the lesson so when the opportunity comes knocking we can be brave and pick what is new and different –a choice leading us to the desired goal.

But if we have not passed a crisis maybe the disappointment is not real or is due to other reasons. In this case we have to overcome our tendency to implement major changes in our lives.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  A tendency to take a risk to promote our relationship, after a long time we are finally ready for a new relationship  A feeling that something is wrong with our relationship can lead to a wrong move, we tend to prematurely end a relationship although all is well
Career  After a tough time we are willing to take risks in order to move forward  A feeling that we are missing something in our professional life can lead to a wrong move and failure




Areas of particular relevance:  Resignation, ending a relationship, disappointment, confusion, readiness to take risks, willingness to fall in love again.

Seven of Wands

We tend to spend our time on trivial things -we have to set priorities and execute accordingly while focusing on our goal.

Seven of WandsThe Seven of Wands indicates a tendency to deal with the trivial and the unimportant. Now, however, we understand that this approach gets us nowhere. We therefore have to stop going around in circles chasing challenges and simply focus on the essence of the topic.
We often fail to reach our goal because we spend energy to fulfill other needs. For example, if we want a promotion we need to get our ego in check while communicating with our manager, think before speaking and establish a solid relationship -which will lead to the coveted promotion.
If we face the same problems and get the same lessons over and over again, we need to learn from past mistakes and focus first and foremost on our goal. Only then, with our goal in mind, can we discard the trivial, focus on the essential and succeed.

Areas of particular relevance: Mistakes, lack of concentration, confusion, getting lost in detail, attention and focus disorder

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  A good time to overcome relationship difficulties, focusing on our goal will lead to the desired results.  Confusion and lack of focus, difficulties and obstacles, relationships turn into rivalry, sticking stubbornly to our principles.
Career  Focus and smart utilization of our resources will get us to our goal.  We fail to see the big picture, getting lost in detail, cooperation turns to competition.



six of SWORDS

Six of Swords

We need a vacation to clear our head so we can return to our daily life with renewed energy. If we currently are in a temporary state we must not get stuck in it despite its convenience but rather go back to our lives once the temporary state  stopped being benefitial.

The meaning of the Six of Swords directly correlates to the state we are in with regard to the issue at hand. If the situation overburdens us, drains away our energy and absorb our time then the card calls upon us to take a vacation so we can rest, enjoy and clear our mind.

If, on the other hand, we are stuck in a temporary state, we might have become addicted to escapism and have no desire to return to reality. In this case the card calls upon us to wake up and stop escaping life by returning to reality and dealing with the difficulties, whatever they are.

In relationships the card can indicate a short term affair -which can be seen as a vacation. An affair can fit a certain time in our lives but usually, expectations aside, will not blossom into a serious relationship. In this case we need to wake up, burst the bubble and understand that we tend to get addicted to affairs –short term as they are.

Areas of particular relevance: International travel, affairs, getting stuck in the past, temporary states, children, looking for help.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Going on a vacation to renew our relationship, if single: a vacation where we can enjoy occasional affairs to clear our head We tend to get into affairs and short term relationships
Career A vacation will enable us to get back to work with renewed energy We tend to work in the wrong environments and investment time in the wrong projects -on account of the important ones




Six of Cups

We got a second chance. If we examined our past, realized our mistake and corrected it then we will succeed. Otherwise, we will find ourselves repeating past mistakes and getting nowhere.

Six of CupsWe get a second chance to confront an event from our past. The same situation, person or test repeat themselves. The big question is whether we learned from our previous mistakes. If we understood the lesson and applied the required corrections then the reincarnation of the past will be good for us, otherwise we are bound to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

For example, we failed an exam but now get a chance to re-take it. If we do not prepare we will fail again. But if we understood where we went wrong and put in the effort we will succeed.

Areas of particular relevance: Kids, living with one’s folks, fond memories, figures from our past, an ex who suddenly shows up in our life, an affair with our ex.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships An opportunity to fix what did not work before, a good time to reach out and overcome differences, a past relationship reappears and develops into something meaningful We tend to escape reality without solving the problems we face, unsolved problems from our past come back to haunt us –especially our ex
Career A good time to examine things, analyze and strengthen the foundation, self-criticism that leads to improvements, deals or business opportunities materialize after we lost hope We find it hard to change and accept change, inefficient time management, stagnation opportunities materialize after we lost hope





Six of pentacles

We got a break! Now we must not rest on our laurels but work hard to prove ourselves.

Six of pentaclesThe Six of Coins indicates that we got more than we deserved and basically have more luck than brains.

Although the card indicates victory we have to understand that we have been given a rare chance. We need to be aware of our tendency to rest on our laurels and do nothing, and especially in this case must work hard and prove that we are worthy of the opportunity we got.

For example, we might have scored a lucrative position with the employer assuming we master a certain software application -but in actuality we do not. What we really got is a grace period in which we need to work hard, quickly learn the application and prove our mastery of it.


Areas of particular relevance: Luck, chance, generosity, donations, giving and accepting help rest on our laurels.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Unexpected success, getting a second chance, our spouse accepts us as we are Tendency to idealize the other party, trusting our physical appearance and prosperity and put no additional effort
Career Unexpected promotion and success, getting help, getting a break although we have yet to prove ourselves Tendency to trust our luck, not tying the loose ends, inability to reach financial independence, tendency to rest on our laurels


Six of Wands

We made it! After a lot of effort and hard work we have reached our goal. But it is important not to stop our efforts or else we will lose what we already achieved.

Six of WandsThe Six of Wands is a card of victory and success. We worked hard, put in the effort and therefore got everything we wished for.

However, the problem is that when we achieve our victory we tend to rest on our laurels. When we finally get what we want we stop being who we where while trying. And when this happens we might lose everything.

We did not achieve our victory by chance -we succeeded due to hard work and because we are good at what we do. However, if we do not continue walking our path and stop trying then we will surely fail.

Areas of particular relevance: Victories, sexuality, achieving a goal only for the experience of it.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Falling in love, finding a partner, success and recognition, overcoming resistance and hardship Lack of persistence and no further investment after initial success, sexuality at an early stage can hurt the relationship
Career Success and reaching our goal due to hard work Once we succeed we tend to stop trying, squandering